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"Sui is bringing the power of mindfulness to people in a way that is safe, engaging and deeply appreciated by teachers and young people especially. We need learning opportunities like those offered by Sui in this country now more than ever, and I am delighted and proud to endorse this fine work.”

Tony Bates

Founding Director

Headstrong  - The National Centre for Youth Mental Health, Dublin, Ireland.



"It is hard to describe how beneficial it has been to the quality of my life, beginning a journey of mindfulness inspired and led on a daily basis by Derval Dunford’s Sui CD….. As a former athlete I wish I had come across Sui when I was competing in the pressure filled environments that was my norm. In terms of learning to manage your thoughts, relax both body and mind and connect with your own inner mental strength having Sui as a performance preparation and management tool would have been hugely beneficial."

Tony Griffin

Director of Sports AI, Ireland, former Clare hurler, All Star award winner and Author



“I am privileged to have the opportunity to review Derval’s meditation CD ‘Sui’. It is lovely to come across a CD which is novel and creative. The first CD is divided into sections alternating speech with Tibetan bowls. I have not encountered this before but it works beautifully. In the section where Derval speaks the clarity of her voice is striking. The way the music fades in and out and the section with the Tibetan bowls makes this meditation very easy, practical and very uplifting. She is a very gifted person and will bring much light to your life. This is the best meditation CD I have ever listened to.”

Dr John McKenna

Author of ‘Hard to Stomach’



 “…..these guided audio sessions can help you to accomplish the goal of finding your true self and healing your life.”

Bernie Siegel

MD and author of Peace, Love & Healing and Faith, Hope & Healing



"Sui meditation succeeds for many reasons; among them: it based on the fact that wisdom, our access to the Divine, is within us; and it is a refreshingly simple, accessible, and easy way to be still. I highly recommend Sui meditation CDs."

David Kundtz

Author of Stopping and Quiet Mind



“I find the meditations wonderfully stilling, and your voice very calming and non intrusive.”

Professor Carmel McCarthy, Cork


"I always wanted to tell you that doing your course [Sui Mindfulness meditation & relaxation]put me on a new road permanently. I had never heard of the concept of awareness or mindfulness before and it changed the way I looked at myself and my life. Actually I'd go so far as to say it was the first time I had ever slowed down and properly given myself any thought at all ! That's the honest truth. Anyway I've now lost nearly 3 stone and have a peace of mind I didn't know. Most importantly I can switch off to chaos and worry for a few vital seconds when I need to. Thanks so much xx"

Rachel Guthrie, Westport, Co. Mayo.



"With Suí simplicity is the key, it is an essential tool for modern living. Suí provides an effortless opportunity to experience stillness and peace. I highly recommend it."

David R. Hamilton PhD

Scientist & Author of  'How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body'.



"When I play Suí in my Relaxation Classes, I watch the whole group sinking effortlessly into a state of peace and calm. It is phenomenal."

Catherine Fennell

The Rose Garden Well-Being Centre, Ballincollig



"For me the material on this CD is at the very least a powerful antidote to stress. I have no hesitation at all in recommending it, especially to those who, like Derval, come to know that embracing 'illness as messenger' is sine qua non to healing.

Greg White, Psychotherapist, Cork



"Dear Derval - I just listened to it [Sui] last week and think that you did a lovely job putting it together. I think that having guided and non-guided options are excellent.  I was also very impressed with the booklet - very comprehensive yet simple and practical. Your personal story is very compelling as well. Wishing you abundant blessings in your important work."

Prof Mary Jo Kreitzer

Director, Centre for Spirituality & Healing, University of Minnesota’s School of Nursing.



"I have listened to the CD's and am happy to recommend them. The guided ones are very subtle and the non-guided ones are inspired, the tones and music combine beautifully to allow exactly what they were created to do."

Rod Briggs

The Mindlink Foundation, South Africa. International Lecturer in Mind Sciences.



“With the ever increasing pressures of day to day living, relaxation and meditation is important for all of us. Slowing down to appreciate and evaluate the good things in life helps restore balance and can help you rediscover some of life’s simple pleasures. Derval can take you through the process and help you take that much needed time out. “

Bernadette Bohan

No 1 Best selling Author of The Choice and The Choice, The Programme.



"This double CD collection called 'Sui' is brilliant. This CD is concise, easy to follow, complemented by evocative background music and does what it say's on the cover; "experience a cessation of 'internal dialogue' and allow yourself to be transported to a balanced healing space perfect for meditation".

If you are either a complete beginner or an experienced meditator you will surely gain peace and stillness while listening to the Guided and Non Guided tracks on these CD's. Wishing you peace of mind and enlightenment."

Tomas McKenna

Vibrational Kinesiologist, Dublin.



“Sui is hauntingly beautiful. The combination of guided meditation, with a voice that would sooth any anxious soul and music that is carefully crafted to enhance and deepen one’s awareness and inner journey, is magical and highly effective. One sleep deprived night, I resorted to the Sui body scan practice. Much to my amazement, it induced sleep. When the mind predominates and refuses to settle I have never found a solution – until now. Thank you Derval – how skilled you are.”

Deborah Mitchell

Deborah Mitchell Counselling & Relationships, UK.



"I listened to your cd in total during the week and again well done! I love it all!

I find track 5 and 6 a marvellous way to relax in particular, just before going to sleep. I feel that more than ever , we need positive time out for body and soul and Sui is a very powerful tool which allows us to do that in the comfort of our own home. I will be recommending it to my clients. Blessings..."

Majella O'Donoghue Deely

Holistic Therapist. Louisburgh



” Sui is a beautiful guide to lead you on a journey towards your peaceful self”

Surya, Yoga & Meditation, Teacher Westport



"Just to let you know that I have had great use out of your meditation stool. The other day - in a particularly fraught moment, I saw the stool out of the corner of my eye, and went and sat on it - I could feel my body instantly calming and relaxing - I had gone to another space - it is like having a holiday in the room! It’s as if Derval, you have given me the psychological space and Mick you have given me the physical space. I have reaped the benefits of your joint effort. Thanks

Melissa, Homeopath, Strokestown



"Found the sui cd really great. The cd was given to me as a gift. I had never done any form of relaxation or meditation before.  Decided to listen to it one night when really tense and stressed. Not only did i find it beneficial for myself but to my amazement so did my ten year old son who suffers from Separation Anxiety Disorder. He had difficulty in sleeping and after listening to the cd he was very relaxed and said he thoroughly enjoyed it and it helped him to sleep. Would recommend this to people of all ages, will definately be listening to it more often. Wish you all the best. Regards,"

Mary-Anne, Mother / Childcare Worker



"Sui contains something for people at all levels. The beginner or the established meditator, the stressed or the person with 'no time'. Its use, even for the minimum time, is the perfect start and end to a day, for any mind and body. Sui will effortlessly help to you to adjust to the concept and benefits of meditating regularly. Both the guided and non guided are masterfully put together, the gently music, clear vocal and beautiful use of silence and singing bowls make up the perfect package."

Mary Derrig, Castlebar.



"What I love about SUI is that I can do the 5 minute meditation, cd 1, track 1, at my desk before everyone gets into the office or just before I leave home. I have had a problem with palpitations for the last couple of years and have discovered that the breathing techniques used have practically eliminated them. Most meditation cd’s are American so I find the Dervals local accent more soothing. Track 6, cd1 is perfect just before bed time as it is only 19 minutes long. I have been recently weaned off anti-depressants after 10 years and during the withdrawal period I felt track 5, Body Scan, immensely helpful especially if I felt panicky. "

Aine, Dublin



"I have found an inner peace through practicing mindfulness. The more I listen , the more relaxed I become. It helps me to focus and creates a sense of balance. Thanks Derval"

Terri, Louisburgh



"I recently treated myself to your CD Sui. Having enjoyed and benefited greatly from two courses on Visualisation/Meditation which I did with yourself, I found it difficult doing it by myself and consequently lapsed from doing it altogether. However, since I bought your CD I am now back enjoying visualisation again. There are so many tracks to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone. So well done on the production of your CD and every success with it. I am thrilled with it."

Maureen O’Brien, Westport.



'Hi Derval, just a note to say that I picked up your CD before a hospital visit for a serious operation, I packed and then forgot about it. One day in hospital the stress of my situation was getting the better of me and the ward sounds of trolleys and chatter, began to irritate me and I thought I would explode with tension. I remembered the CD, pulled the curtains and inserted the ear phones to be transported, with your gentle voice to a peaceful place, the stress and tension falling away within minutes. I have listened many times since with the same result. Thank you very much for giving me these moments of complete relaxation in a difficult period of my life.'

Clare (a nurse, who has recovered from cancer)



"We all know on some level that the world we live in is crazy. Derval Dunford offers us a response – real, utterly simple, and beautiful. I use her Sui meditation CDs. I highly recommend them to beginners and experienced alike."

David Kundtz

Author of Stopping and Quiet Mind



"I have been using your Sui CD and i really love it especially for drifting off to sleep at night, the only problem is that i find it hard to stay awake to the end of the CD, it,s so relaxing. I always seem to have a really peaceful nights sleep when i do it.  Love it.

Kate Gallagher, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo.



“I have never managed to actually hear the end of track 5 on Sui…. the one that’s supposed to induce sleep…. I’m fast asleep every time definitely works!” Thank you so much.

Margaret Fallon, Dungaravan.


“There are three of us in the bed every night now, myself, my Husband and you Derval, it’s hilarious but it works every time! You lull us to sleep with your gentle soothing voice on your beautiful CD, Sui.”

Marion Kelly, Athlone.



"Dear Derval, I found your disc [Sui Mindfulness Meditation & Relaxation] particularly helpful in this regard. I had not done anything new for almost a year until I listened to your snippet [5 min meditation] on the web. Within 24 hours I had a pageful of 'matter' which tuned into a substantial piece of work (for me), for which much thanks."

Iarla Mongey, Poet, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.



“Once I put Sui on at night I just cannot stay awake, it’s what I’ve been looking for, for years. Thank you Derval.”

Agnes Newman, Sligo.



“Best night’s sleep I’ve ever had was the first night I listened to Sui!”

Bernadette O’Reilly, Cavan.

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