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Suí handmade meditation stools are made by Mick Hogan, Westport, Co. Mayo. Mick started making the stools when he began practising yoga, sitting on a sui stool one can effortlessly maintain good posture. Though the stools were originally designed for meditation and yoga, they are now being used as a comfortable alternative in a range of occupational and home activities, including knitting, reflexology and as an invaluable aid to those engaged in ‘floor-work’ physiotherapy with children.






The stools are made from a variety of sustainable Irish hard-woods (including Ash, Beech, Spalted Beech and Cherry) depending on availability. The quality is superb, the design is attractive and yet practical. The Sui stools have folding legs so they are perfect for travelling and easy to store, they are beautifully finished with natural oils and bees wax. The stool size is  42 cm x 14cm.



It is quite important in meditation and in a yoga sitting pose to keep the back straight yet relaxed, the slight natural curve in the lower back should remain as we sit. In order to keep the back in this natural straight yet relaxed posture you need to support your own back, which means ideally you do not lean against the back of the chair.

You sit up straight, rolling the shoulders back gently and allowing them to drop, so they are straight yet relaxed, the head should be balanced so the chin is inclined slightly towards the chest. In this position the ‘inner energy’ or prana flows easily through the body.


An Stol -The Sui Stool

An easy way to achieve this posture is to use An Stol (the stool).  Sitting on An Stol, your feet will be underneath you as if kneeling but the stool bears most of the weight, making it very comfortable and easy for the knees. The stool facilitates individual pelvic tilt (i.e. the angle is different for each person as they sit thus allowing the back to support itself in a natural and comfortable manner). The sitting position allows the chest and abdomen to be open thus encouraging abdominal breathing. This posture is surprisingly comfortable, it feels very grounded and is perfect for meditation practice. It allows body and mind to remain alert yet relaxed. An Stol can also be used sitting for cross-legged.








NOTE: ‘Suí’ stools can also be customised to suit individual special requirements.


Sui stool Stockists

Dublin Buddhist Centre

Liberty corner 5 James Joyce St., Dublin 1

01 8178933


Mother Earth

Harbour St, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

057 9323499


Saffron & Sapphire

8 Patrick Street, Dunlaoghaire, Co. Dublin

086 4022597


“The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind.”

William James



"Suí stools are among the best I’ve ever seen. They are carefully made and are very beautiful indeed. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them."


Sean Boland

Manager, Dublin Buddhist Centre.

“We’re really pleased with the quality and beauty of Suí meditation stools, the positive  feedback from customers who have purchased these stools has been wonderful.”


Dzogchen Beara

Meditation and Retreat Centre

"It’s as if Derval [with the Sui CD] you have given me the psychological space and Mick [with the stool] you have given me the physical space. I have reaped the benefits of your joint effort!"



Homeopath, Strokestown

“Up to now I was a poor and frustrated meditator at best. The improvement in my posture from the stool really allows me to stay far more alert and I am able to meditate far more easily. I am impressed! Many thanks,


Martin Grace

Killaloe, Co. Clare

“The Sui stool is so much more comfortable than trying to sit on a chair…much easier on my back….peace at last Thank you!”


Brian Moran


“The grain in the wood is so beautiful, I just LOVE my Sui stool.”


Ann Mc Bride


“The best gift I have ever received…my Sui stool was a surprise for my 40th …I bring it everywhere with me….it’s the prop I need to ensure I sit and practice"


Margaret Connolly

Co. Mayo

Derval Dunford Mobile + 353 (0)87 2888740. Enquiries about the stools:   Mobile + 353 (0) 87 410 7277