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Suí Mindfulness courses


Derval facilitates Suí Mindfulness courses and workshops in the West of Ireland on a regular basis, with a 3 week evening course running in Westport each month from Jan to May.

She is also facilitates workshops around the country for private groups, HSE, Family Centres and Cancer support centres.


For details please contact   or 087 2888740


Derval is also the co-founder and director of Mindfulness Matters. Her colleague Ann Caulfield, an accomplished Life Coach and Facilitator is currently working on Doctorate research into occupational stress and mindfulness.


Mindfulness Matters courses

Mindfulness Matters provides courses and resources to assist in the discovery of present moment awareness, calm and confidence. Having worked individually for many years in mindfulness, relaxation, life-coaching and facilitation, Ann and Derval came together at the request of the Mayo Education Centre Director, Art O’Súilleabháin, and as Art says ‘magic happened'. Mindfulness Matters innovative course for primary school teachers entitled 'Developing Mindfulness & Happiness in Primary School Children’ has been a huge hit with teachers. It is available Face-to-Face and On-Line every Summer and has been sanctioned by the Department of Education. They also provide popular online courses during the school year which are certified for Croke Park hours.


Mindfulness Matters Kid’s CDs

Ann & Derval’s new CDs The Zone, Still Space, and the WORLD’S FIRST Mindfulness CD ‘as Gaeilge’ Spás Siochanta Suaimhneach, have been received with great interest and enthusiasm, They have been featured on RTE’s Nationwide programme, Newstalk’s Pat Kenny show, and RTE Radio’s John Murray’s show. Mindfulness Matter’s CDs are curriculum friendly and integrate with the schools SPHE programme as well as being an invaluable resource for home.



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Derval Dunford Mobile + 353 (0)87 2888740. Enquiries about the stools:   Mobile + 353 (0) 87 410 7277