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Do you have wall to wall, floor to ceiling self-help books at home?


Each time you see a new title do you think aha....this one has the answer!  It’s all very well knowing the theory, reading about it again and again in different ways in different books, but we have got ‘to do’ something about it. Paradoxically the most effective way of ‘doing’ something about it is by practising ‘non-doing’ ….which by the way is very different to ‘doing nothing’.



Always ‘doing’?

For many people in this stressful modern world the mind can be full of fear and anxiety, the body can also ‘hold’ this fear and anxiety. As we constantly dash from one task to another, from one thought to another  the mind and body cry out for rest and rejuvenation but we just push ourselves further and further. The body rarely stops and the mind NEVER stops. The end result is that we are literally ‘running on empty’.

As a result when we lie down in bed at night and finally ‘still’ the body, the mind seems busier than ever, making it difficult to sleep.


The answer?  Stop reading and start practicing

 Sui Mindfulness is an investment in health and well-being. It is based on techniques and practices Derval used to support her initially in recovery from illness and now to maintain balance in daily life. Sui offers a wide variety of options to suit all needs. Tracks range from 5mins to 20mins and include Meditation, Relaxation, Visualisation, Tibetan bowls, Mindfulness and ‘sleep inducing’ relaxations.


The benefits?

Being guided effortlessly through these simple yet powerful practices, builds up your inner resources for dealing with stress. It allows the mind and body to REALLY rest and rejuvenate. It promotes restful sleep and brings balance to your life.


“The clarity of her voice is striking. The way the music fades in and out… makes this meditation very easy, practical and very uplifting. Derval is a very gifted person and will bring much light to your life. This is the best meditation CD I have ever listened to.”


Dr. John McKenna

Author of ‘Hard to Stomach’

"Suí stools are among the best I’ve ever seen. They are carefully made and are very beautiful indeed. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them."


Sean Boland

Manager, Dublin Buddhist Centre.

“These guided audio sessions can help you to accomplish the goal of finding your true self and healing your life.”


Bernie Siegel

MD and Author of Peace, Love & Healing


“It is a refreshingly simple, accessible, and easy way to be still. I highly recommend Sui meditation CDs.""


David Kundtz

Author of Stopping and Quiet Mind

Derval Dunford Mobile + 353 (0)87 2888740. Enquiries about the stools:   Mobile + 353 (0) 87 410 7277